Next level CNCs?

Where does one find the research for next level CNC machines? Is there a organization, magazine, site, etc? My current searches hit individual manufacturers CNCs.
I am researching a potential scaled up CNC production line and want to review the different CNC machines available.

There are a lot of people with experience with different machines on here, but I think it would help if you had an idea of what you want from your machine i.e. work envelope, materials you will be cutting, and so on; and also a budget and whether you want a kit or fully assembled machine.

I don’t know what country you live or what is the custom requirement.
I purchased Chinese CNC Router 1325. It is 1300X2500X300 and I’m super happy with working condition. It is working horse with incredable accuracy. Starting 7:00am 'til 6:00pm. It’s been about 6 months. I can give you more description and price I paid if you interest. (You’ll be amazed).

1 Like and both sell kits / plans at various levels of completion. You could also check out ShopBot - they make good machines, but the prices will be higher.

This page has some links and pointers:

Joeseph - your right I should have added more criteria.

I’m working with 4’ x 5’ Baltic Birch Plywood.
I’d be good with a kit however assembled is always easier.
Love to have router speed control to be able to drill holes as well as cut.
Also love to have router change bits (Luxury I know, while dreaming - dream big)
Vac table
Budget - well I’m putting that together right now depending on the options.

Alan - the Chinese CNC Router 1325 is serious, wow. Like to know more description and price. Where’d you get it through.

Jason - I just ran across today. Liking the article, thanks for the link.

Directly from China. Dust collection unit and a shoe, vacuum pump, 3.2 kw spindle, nice 6 zone vacuum table, all paid is $4.300.
No PC, but NC studio, Artcam, Aspire came with thumb drive.

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Aspire is $2K by itself - I’d be surprised if that’s a legit version.

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Automatic tool changer is definitely dreaming big :blush:

If your business is really in need of a heavy production piece of equipment then you also may consider buying used in order to afford a better machine while staying within your budget.

I bought a used machine last year that had barely been used. I added a vacuum table and it’s been great. We will likely be adding another machine later this year with an ATC, but I think it’s good to take things incrementally so you know what your business can support.

I think the market for CNCs is so high right now that when you are finished with what you choose you can sell it and keep upgrading.

It is legit… registered to someone named chingchangchung. :laughing: what’re you expecting. We’re talking about China.
I made Typing mistake. It is not Artcam, it is AlphaCam and Aspire is included to it. AlphaCam must be working to use Aspire, no toolpath tab on it, but you can do all functions and export files.

ATC is nice future to have, I was planning same way. Buy the machine and upgrade. Puff. Add on ATC system cost same amount of the machine. I should’ve buy machine with ATC. But now, I’m faster than ATC, imagine when job requires tool change, pressing yes, where ever it is spindle comes in front of you with 700ipm speed like a ferrari. Change it, put zero plate under click and say go. Returns back to job running like a hell.:flushed:

It’s all about your individual needs. My current machine has an FTC (fast tool change) which is what you are describing except I have a permanent tool measuring touch-off plate mounted outside the cutting area. I can do a tool change in less than a minute.

However, for our production level my business efficienecy would be improved by an ATC. I will likely keep my current machine and run them both. I’ll do the projects with 4 or 5 bit changes on the ATC and run the simpler projects on the FTC.

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Of course no question about it. I wish to have it, but $$$$$$$.

I cannot wait to get a real CNC supporting a business so I can leave my day job and be on the forum more often, much to learn here. Many great references to research, thank you all.

Alan $4,300 wow that is truly an impressive price, 700ipm serious? that is beyond a Ferrari fast. From what I read it sounds like the Chinese CNC does have a ATV option, I didn’t see it on their site. I could have missed it. But am I to understand $8,600 for your machine with ATC?

Joesph - great points all around. Any references for used CNC sellers? Where did you find your used CNC? Incremental growth always makes the most sense. Great point about resale in the CNC market right now.

I’m looking at CADs with multiple tools and multiple toolpaths, hence the dream of a ATC, starting without and 700ipm might not be a big deal.

It is around $8500 with ATC. That makes one machine money for ATC option. Is it worth that much or not.
700ipm is travel speed from point to point, toolpath restrictions like arcs, returns or any other conditions, machine never riches to that speed. Fastest I have tried was 500ipm with form bit and still slows down at the each corner.
But cutting .75" MDF at once with 1/4" spiral on 100 ipm with no mercy.
By the way, I’m still driving my XCarve for different projects and extremly happy with low cost CNC routing on it I would like to say. Like clamping capabilities cuts of electricity bill all the way down. My shop’s most power hungry machine is that vacuum pump for 1325.

Alan - What site did you use to get your 1325?
Travel speed of 700ipm makes more sense.
I take it the bit speed can be slow enough to drill?

@AlanDavis - What site did you use to get your 1325?

Sorry Greg, I totally forgot about you.
Here is the link down below. Sales Manager’s name is Abbey, CEO Anne Hua.
My one and only problem is Paint Job. You may want to mention. Also you can give my name.
Alan Davis