Next project, how to reduce carve time

This is something I would like to make for my cousins wedding. Right now it is over a 4 hour carve. is there a good way to reduce this time? i tried adding a 1/4 inch bit but easel doesn’t have cut settings for that. This is only my second real project so still trying to figure this thing out. Any help is appreciated

In the bit selection area there is a choice of other. Just put the .25 in and simulate your project. Just know that selecting a larger bit might cause you to lose detail. If that occurs just make your project into a two stage carve with a smaller bit and capture the lost details.

This should reduce your time. And if your are conducting a bit change in the middle of your project, just be sure to not move the spindle or you will lose the ability to “return to X, Y”. You will need to set your z depth before the second carve.

There are video tutorials out there to give you additional help and I would suggest reviewing one to familiarize yourself with the processes involved. It’s not overly complicated but there are things you should know.

Good luck.

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Well your settings appear to be very low for roughing. On my Shapeoko, with a 2 flute .125 endmill, I cut significantly more aggressively. This alone would reduce your milling time. I know the X-Carve is not as stiff but IMO there is room to increase.

Thank you! I figured easel was cutting a bit conservative. I’ll give it a shot and increase the speed