Nice source for free 3D Models and Designs

Others may already know about this page, but I just discovered it and thought others may find some useful designs here.

The have some very nice 3D files (in .3DM format that Vcarve can import) and vector art and designs.


Another good one:


I wish easel could do 3D I would love to carve some moon crater terrain from the NASA site.

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Why can’t you do 3D carving? Fusion 360 is free for hobbiest and it will import STL files and allow you to create a toolpath that you can send to your X-Carve.


I thought all of the 3D software had to be purchased. I’ll have to look into fusion 360. Thanks for the heads up @AllenMassey.

You can also use a program called CamBam. It may be a bit easier to use than Fusion 360. I believe CamBam allows you to run it 40 times before it requires you to purchase a license


Good to know, but I would still need a g-code sender right? Easel or UGS any one better over another?

That is correct, I use the Daily Build version of UGS and it has been working perfectly. I have also imported my gcode into Easel and that works great also.

You just need to be sure the Gcode you export out of F360 or whatever program you use to create it is compatible with Grbl if you use UGS or be sure it is compatible with the Easel import if you use Easel.

F360 has lots and lots of post processors to choose from, I used the standard Grbl post processor, but there may be an actual X-carve post P now.

I think you would need to get a post processor from Inventables to use the F360 gode with Easel. I just have not tried that path yet.

Aaaaaand I just found my ENTIRE first set of 3D prints for my new MendelMax. lol

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For hobbyist and startups making less then $100k a year it is free.


How has the MendelMax been working for you? Do you recommend it?

Hard to tell…now go finish your machine :slight_smile:

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It’s not here yet, unfortunately, I’m sitting here doing the ‘come on, ship faster!’ routine largely. We all know that one well!

My best friend has a MiniMax, which works AWESOME, and which is what prompted me to start with MTW when it came time to work on my own. :slight_smile:

As another new option. Take look at Onshape. A brand new mechanical CAD product, brought to you by the team that created SolidWorks.

Fully free. No need for a special 1yr contract like ADSK. We have several CAM offerings such as KIRI:Moto which works great with X-Carve and Easel

Here is a cool Dewalt 611 air diffuser design by a user