Night Stands for our Travel Trailer

As we all know they pack a lot into a little space when it comes to travel trailers.

Our travel trailer bedroom is the entire width of our trailer and the only thing on each side is a drawer. I really wanted a night stand where I could set my water cup and maybe my phone and watch… so I got creative and made it…

I used HDPE and did a two sided carve. On the top side you can see I have a water groove that runs all the way around the edges just in case I have condensation running off the cup or bottle. Also I have a recessed spot for the cup. The drawer has a spring loaded latch to keep it closed while traveling so I had to make a cutout around the pin. Also I made a “D” shaped hoop at the rear that captures the latch so the nightstand will stay in place. Here is a better look at this…

Looking at the bottom side you will see I carved “Tracks” that match up to the sides of the drawer to keep things aligned and stable…

And lastly, you can see we just tuck them beside the mattress when not in use.

I hope this has inspired you to design something just like this for your RV and let me know if I can answer any of your questions.

I do have the toolpaths but honestly I don’t think they are very useful as every single RVNC seems to be different.


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