No blue light on g-shield. Odd Z axis behavior

I just finished building my x-carve. I get no blue light on the g-shield. After downloading local easel I can control X and Y no problem. However Z is fine when moving near the bottom of the slide but when I move it to the top it seems to stall and struggles. I checked the v-wheels and they are snug. Any ideas? I have the M8 screw.

i would really focus to re-tighten your belts…i wound up using wire-ties to lock my belts tight at the end brackets so they would stop slipping…get them as tight as you can beofre wire-tie…good luck.

You may have the same, Z-axis issue that a few of us did. I just keep my spindle low to avoid it, for now. :wink:

It could be a manufacturing problem with the M8 nut.

One solution I saw was to add some washers to the Z-axis V-wheels to push it out a bit.

I too had this issue just slightly… at the top just before the homing switch it would stall out. This happened soon after setup.

Increasing the current on the gShield Pot just a hair fixed it right away.

OK I have resolved this thanks to all for the advice I received. I believe that there were two problems.

  1. The M8 rod appeared to be canted very slightly at the top away from the maker slide (i.e. as the Z carriage moved up). This appeared to cause binding in the Delrin nut. The screw hole in the Delrin nut was offset from center by about 3 thou. I turned it through 180 degrees to move the center back toward the maker slide and also tightened the Z carriage V wheel bolts. It now appears vertical.

  2. I sourced Nema 23 stepper motors via eBay as the upgrade did not appear to be offered as an option here in the UK. I have turned up the voltage on the gShield potentiometers 3 clicks (all three) The z axis now moves smoothly up and down.

Thanks once again to all.

However … I still have no blue light on the gShield!

Any ideas?


Update. Thanks to Phil from Inventables, I am getting a replacement gShield.

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