No connection from pc or controller to carve

Had not used my machine for 2 weeks, tried to carve yesterday and when I turned the controller on the machine did not lock as usual and my PC will not recognize that something is plugged in. All of this 2 weeks before christmas… and they said this year could not get any worst

Do the steppers “jolt” when the machine is powered on?

Check the USB connections. There was a software update, check to see if the driver is up to date. I had issues with the USB port on the outside of the X-Controller - and to fix that connected the USB cable directly to the controller board inside the case. Good Luck.

Same problem here, any solution? I’ve been away for about 2-3 weeks and just tried to connect and I’m not getting any response from within easel. Green light is on the controller & power box, emergency stop isn’t pressed, PC makes a hardware found sound when plugging in. No stepper “jolt” when powered on… is there another power switch I forgot about?

SOLVED - My machine list had a ton of X-Carves, I went through and one of them worked!

Check your list if you’re having a similar issue.

So, why did I have so many x-carves? During my initial install, I experienced a weird glitch that wouldn’t take me to the final step of the install, I repeated the instructions for most of a day and randomly it worked.

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