No green light

Assembled my new x-carve. No green light…fan is going. Already tried all the basic troubleshooting suggestions: disengage e-stop, make sure all wires are firmly connected, etc. Called Tech Support…they ran through troubleshooting…even had me bypass e-stop…still no light. They sent out a new upper control panel…STILL no green light! Anyone have any other suggestions. I’ll be calling Tech Support but thought if anyone had any ideas…


Assuming you’ve got the ribbon cables properly oriented, I’d say you’ve already covered the usual suspects.

Looks like a job for the Inventables support team.

I’d try flipping the ribbon cable orientation AND making sure it’s fully engaged. The clips will engage with the connector not fully seated.

Thanks…yeah had to call again…they sent me a new cable that runs from panel to panel and to the E-Stop. That did the trick!