No more depth first in Easel?

It’s been a couple crazy months since I could use the X-Carve, and I noticed that a project I made last night is carving everything at a single level instead of item by item. That is making for a lot of unnecessary Z axis movements that are making it take longer than it should. Any idea when this changed, and when it will be fixed?

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Take a look at this topic for all the major details.

Short story to try and fix the climb milling during the tabs phase they reverted to the old system. They plan to do a fix so that it does it the depth first but correct the climb milling issues.

I disagree. See this post down the page

sounds exactly like what is being described above which Inventables have stated is temporary due to the fix

My project has multiple pockets and two holes. What it’s doing is cutting one pocket a single cut depth, going to the second pocket and cutting a single cut depth, going to the first hole and cutting a single cut depth, and going to the second hole and cutting a single cut depth. Then it goes back to the first pocket and starts cutting the second cut depth, and so on…

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Hi @RobertA_Rieke,

Could you please share a sample project with the problem? I would like to have a look.

Thank you


No problem @Ruwan. Here ya go: Thanks for taking a look at it!

@RobertA_Rieke, I had a look and I saw the problem you have mentioned. We are currently working on a new toolpath generation logic, it will be fixed in that. Thanks for reporting this.


@Ruwan Great to know, thank you!