No output to motors

I’ve been taking the last several weeks to build this and got to the electronics last night. Got it all wired up and there is no output to the X,Y,Z motors and the gshield fan does not turn (power unit comes up, tho). Got my volt meter out… only 4.2V to the fan motor.

After some research, I see others have had this problem… I can move the axis’ and the lights on the gshield come on. The computer talks to the Arduino. The most common thing seems to be the gshield is not properly connected to Arduino, but I re-did this about 5x and pushed down until it won’t go anymore. There are no lights on at all on the gisheild (other than my manual test). I did a volt meter on the stepper motor lines and moved the pot settings around. According to the last person who had this problem, they replaced the gshield and it everything worked, so I hope they don’t have me testing stuff for weeks before deciding to do the same for me. SInce I bought my unit within 4 days of them announcing the upgrades, it’d be nice to just get a new upgraded power supply. :slight_smile:

All the screws tight on the powersupply PCB board? fan should be connected directly to the 24V output that comes out of the PSU and right into the grbl, if you are only getting 4v then it would be power related.
Make sure the PSU input voltage selector switch is correct for your AC power, 115 or 230VAC.

Check the output power on the supply.
Make sure its correct.
Make sure there are no shorted pins or wires that are connected wrong.

I think I just had an epiphany… I was thinking back and going over the steps in my head and I just realized that there is no power going from PDU to the Arduino… Since I’m not using a 24v spindle, I think I glossed over that step more than I should’ve. I’m pretty sure I need to run the 2 wires from the green plug up into the spot where the external power fan connects. In my head I dismissed that because I thought it was for the spindle… I’ll dig into that tonight and I’ll bet it works! Thanks to Gary and Stephen’s posts for jogging my brain on that.

I already flipped the PSU input voltage swtich to make sure it was properly engaged.

That was it. I ran the 24V wires up to the gshield and viola, I have carvage… lol I had to step up the voltage to the Y axis… probably because it is driving 2 motors instead of 1.

Imagine that… I needed electricity to run my XC!! :laughing:

The manual had a pic which looked like it was labelled “limit switches” right next to the picture of those wires being run… so I skimmed over it. One of the few spots I did that. lol

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