No power coming out of power supply

Have a brand new X-carve I got 3 weeks ago. Has been working great. But today the X-Controller just quit on me. Lights shut off in middle of homing the router.

I think the power supply itself took a dump. I have 120v AC coming into it at the terminal strip where the PCB interface board hooks up with the power supply, but 0v DC coming out of it. No lights on, no fans, nothing at all. Machine didn’t even get to the switches so it didn’t overload from getting to the end and having a loose wire cause it to overload the motors (that happened 2 weeks ago haha).

Pics of where I checked for power. Volts AC mode checking L and G going into the power supply (screws are tight):

So power coming in is good.

Checking power output from the power supply. Meter set to Volts DC and checking on the “DC-” and “DC+” screws (also tight):

Is there a fuse or circuit breaker inside? I let it sit for a while with no power assuming maybe it tripped a self-resetting breaker but so far nothing.

Power off.

Disconnect the wires from the DC+ terminal.

Power on.

Measure voltage at DC+

This will test the open circuit output of the power supply. If you don’t get a voltage open circuit then the power supply is not working. Call Inventables.

There are no “wires” coming out of the DC+. It’s a circuit board that hooks up to all 5 “pins” at the power supply. 3 input, 2 outputs. I’d have to remove that circuit board, which serves as the input to the power supply. I’ll leave it off for an hour or so and check again, otherwise calling Inventables tomorrow. 99% sure it died for no apparent reason. Sucks, I was trying to cut out some pieces to ship out tomorrow that I wanted to ship yesterday but not gonna happen it appears.

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Unhook the wires going from that board to the Estop and main control board. That will take most of the load off the power supply and will tell you whether you are overloading the power supply causing it to turn off.

I don’t think these supplies are fused but they do have overload protection I believe.

If removing the wires works, then slowly add each part one by one. Add in the main control board with no motors, then add the X, then Y1 then Y2 then Z, etc. to find out the potential fault.

Also, check your pots to make sure they aren’t too high.