No Power, Zilch, Nothing

Finally got to the point where I can power up and nothing. Checked estop and it’s not depressed. no power light, no fan. I haven’t connected to a computer yet - surely that’s not the problem. Any suggestions help or other wise appreciated. I have no electrical troubleshooting skills.

Is the on- off switch on? Plug pushed into the x controller all the way? Just asking…

Are you sure the e stop is pulled up and twisted?

Martin my friend … I’m an idiot. That’s what it was. Flipped the switch and it came to life. Thanks so much. Hooking up to the laptop tomorrow so standby.

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Thanks Wayne. I hadn’t noticed the on/off switch on the back - duh. Flipped it and it came to life.


Not sure why the put the on off on the back and the USB connection on the front of the controller. Would be nice if it was flipped the other way.

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I agree. At first I thought the button above the word “POWER” was the switch.