No probe prompt

I have not used my X Carve in over a year due to illness and moving. I updated Easel, last month, and it no longer asks me to use my z Probe. I have had an issue with my bit going into the project when i “touch to the suface of the project”. What am i doing wrong?

Ron Maniord

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It is likely that Easel prompted you to perform a “new machine setup” and in this process it has you select from 5 photos of CNC’s with a very short description under each photo.
There are actually 2 Standard X-Carve photos, one is of the Pre Nov 2021 machine, and one is of the Post Nov 2021 machine. Well selecting the incorrect Year Model will edit the calibration settings of your CNC.
You could edit those back manually OR simply delete the current profile and then re-do that New Machine Setup one more time making sure to select the correct year model this time through.
AND during that setup there is a page where it asks whether you have a Z probe or not and selecting Yes will then provide the prompt you’re looking for.

IF that z Probe prompt is still missing after the setup you can go to Machine>Edit Machine and at the lower left you can turn on the Z probing option in there.

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