Noise in certain spot on y axis

Recently, I noticed that the y axis makes a loud noise when traveling in a certain place about 6 inches long. This sound is not really a grinding sound, just kind of rough. I notice no unusual vibration and it seems to be worse moving the carriage front to back but is still present in back to front movement. This happens when the spindle is not on and moveing the carriage out of the way to set up a workpiece.

When it started, I noticed that several belts were loose, it is a fairly new machine. I tightened everything up, cleaned it and applied some dry lube. The sound is in a smaller area but still there.

Any ideas of what to look for? It definitely sounds like it is under some sort of stress. All other movements are smooth and quiet. Thanks in advance


Clay would you be able to post a video so we can hear it?

I will do that when I get home

Here is a link to the videoPreforma text

Hey guys mine started doing this same thing tonight as well. It is only happening to me during the homing sequence for the Y axis. The switch is working if I trip it manually but going up to the stop I am getting this noise with what seems to be the Y axis being jumpy.

Just and update on my issue. Talked with customer success and they had never heard a noise like that. decided it was best to keep using it and see if trouble started, bad cuts, pieces falling off, etc. I decided the sound was like a squeaking noise, so I sprayed some WD-40 dry lube (just what I had) on the y rails and wiped it down. The noise stopped. We will see.


Are your wheels rolling or sliding?

I think they are all rolling, at least the ones I can see easily. Makes sense though, I will look closely

It sounds like a mechanical issue rather than an electrical issue over the video. Is that your evaluation hearing it in person?

Sounds like the wheels are super tight.

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@ClayCarson have you checked if the wheels are too tight? They should have smooth contact but not be crushed on the rails. You might also clean the debris as there might be some build up in that area causing the rail thickness to be larger than the bare metal creating the friction that creates that noise.

Does it make the same sound during continuous motion and not intermittent jogging?

Is it missing any steps or just sounds funny?

Any other symptoms?

I really think the idea of debris is the issue and the wheels are sliding. Just got dust collection on line and I have been fighting dust build up prior to that. Going to give it a good cleaning. Thanks to all


Aside from checking the rails for build up and the wheels, are the Y rails parallel?

I finally got time to troubleshoot the issue. What I found was that the stop screws for the X and Y limit screws were set too far back. My noise and the jumpiness of the gantry were due to the spindle mount rubbing the wheels on the X rails. Simple fix, I adjusted the limit stop screws and everything is working peachy. Thanks guys!

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