Non Responsive

Good day, Please may I ask for assistance. About 7 days ago, I requested assistance which one one response was received (Ken4 - Thank you I have downloaded OpenBuilder and love it but still no luck). My X-carve has been working almost perfectly for quite some time and a week ago, it just stopped in the middle of a project. Its completely non responsive, both power lights (front and back) is on and the fan is working. We have checked all cables one by one, they are all fine. I have uninstalled all software and reinstalled them, the PC is connecting to the controller but no response is received (x, y and z axis stays stationary). Please can I ask for any and I mean any help in any way possible so that I can get this problem resolved. I have orders for clients to fulfill and just need an idea if its fixable or am I doomed to buy a new controller. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Jacques

I am having the same problem - did you get this resolved?