NOOB - Pre or Post laminate stock

I am looking at milling out a 1/4 or 1/2 3 ply bamboo wireless keyboard case (for my TECK KEYBOARD wired to bluetooth project).

This case will have 3 profiles to cut (all accessable profile from the bottom up).

The top plate layer, the inner layers, and the bottom removable cap.

The middle layers will be 14x11" of 1/4" wide unsupported profiles.

Should I cut each layer seperatly or pre laminate and mill everything at once.

If I pre laminate is it recomended to remove the bulk of the middle layers void with a jigsaw first?

Without seeing a drawing I think I would do them separately and then assemble them.

Thanks Zack. I know ROUTING creats too much force on such a fine item for a single layer — i did not know if CNC milling would put too much force on it as well.

I don’t know if it will be too much force. You could probably do it both ways. I find it easier to clamp securely on thinner materials.

I’d be interested to see your progress on the project! It’s nice to see another keyboard enthusiast on here! I have plans on making a full custom board with some Gateron switches I purchased once I find the time!