Not Carving in correct place

Hi. We have had the machine for a few months and now have a issue where some objects (usually text) are being places in the wrong location.

This is a new V bit (60).

I get that his is hard wood, but it appeared to start in the wrong location. This also happens in soft pine.


Your Carvey is loosing position, can be overloaded machine (try a less deep setting), mechanical issues (something binding/restricting) or a plain out mechanical malfunction.

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Thank-you HaldorLonningdal

I have just tested solution above… Working Now. Not clean cut, but it is all in the correct position.


Is that red oak? Oak is a bit fiber-y, and it’s difficult to avoid a bit of fuzz on the surface when using a v-bit.

@AdamRicketts This video may help too, basically the homing button is ~.03" too low, so the initial cut is too deep and can cause so much resistance that it will go off path or break a bit. We show how to fix it pretty quickly.