Not carving out air

Hopefully I’m in the correct section. I got my x carve up and running yesterday. I am trying to figure out if there is a way when doing 2 step carving to not have the detail bit travel through all of the previously roughed out area? I watched a few youtube videos but nothing really covered this. I’m guessing there has to be something in easel for this.

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you can try changing your safety height a small amount and see if that buys you a bit more space. I haven’t had this issue with the detail bit going back through the roughing bit areas. I have had the roughing bit go back over areas it has carved leaving a mark. Just suggestion. Steve

Hey Ben and welcome to the group! If I am not mistaken when you do a detail cut it tells you that it will not cut what should have been cut with the roughing pass. I am fairly new but I have not experienced the detail pass cutting air yet.


When you use Easel own 2 stage carve mode it should only do the remaining part.

If you split Easel project into two separate carves, each carve is unavare of eachother.

If possible, please share your Easel file, click Easel-File-Share-Shared with link, copy URL and click Save. Paste URL here.