Not connecting

i have been using the machine daily since summer. always worked great.
now it started acting different by moving Z in different directions even when pushing the up button on jog. now it will not connect to the computer at all… i have changed usb cables/ports and still nothing. the ports are working as i have changed wireless mouse to different ones and it will connect fine.
the computer doesn’t give the “sound” like normal when plugging or unplugging the cable…???
nothing has changed since i shut it off last night to starting it this morning…

Just by chance you did not accidentally hit the e stop did you?

I had same connection issues but without any “announcements” by the z-Axis. My computer did not connect to the controler from one day to the other at all.
For me the solution was to change the DNS setting:
Change your dns to pri sec
Inventables did this for me in an online service session. After that everything worked fine again.
Maybe this helps you.

My control doesn’t have a e stop button. It’s a old one