Not Cutting all the way through my material

I have tried just about everything I can think of. The first pass doesn’t touch the material and then when it does it only seems to cut about half way thought the material even if I fudge the depth a little.

Unfortunately I am not a technical person so I am hoping it is something simple I am missing.

Thanks for any help.


probably flex in your carriage setup. This is a hobby machine, so there’s tradeoffs. I always overshoot about 1mm so you’re sure to go all the way through all around the profile

Did you setup and calibrate your machine? If not, search the forum, there’s lots of examples and Utube vids to help.

We really dont have much to go on, it could be due to “anything”.

What program do you use, Easel?
How do you set up your project?
Where do you set your work zero?
Do you use a probe?
Hearing any sudden/intermittent “grinding noises”?

If possible, post a video on youtube where you show your work flow and how the machine move / fail.
It should speak volumes :slight_smile:

Video would be good for sure. Another test is to raise it up, set a ruler along it and make a mark on the router housing. Now jog it down 1 inch … did it go exactly an inch?