Not Cutting To Previous Depth on Same Project

I am duplicating a project I completed about a month back. Its a V carve flag. The first couple came out great and recently I have been asked to make some more. The machine does not seem to be cutting to the same depth that it used to though. I have not made any changes to the design simply opened it up and went straight to carve. I use a probe to measure the material height. Nothing is loose and the material is fully bolted down so its not flexing during the probing process. It seems like it is air cutting a pass or two that it did not do a month ago.

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Did you do a new machine setup recently?
Is the current version or the old one?

If you have the old versio xcarve with vwheel Z axis and the circle belt on top, then likely the wrong machine year model was selected and the grbl settings are set wrong, this will cause the calibration of x,y and Z to all be less than they should be.

Unfortunately this issue is rather common, i see it about once every other day on various forums.

The easy fix is to go to machine>edit machine and delete the current proffile, and then go to machine>setup new machine profile and make sure to select the correct version and any applicable upgrade options.

You can also verify this is the case by checking the current settings as shown here:

I am not aware of an update and i haven’t done a new set up in quite sometime. I’ve been doing other projects in between just fine. But i will give it a try to re calibrate and see if that helps. I will respond with the results.

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I re did my whole set up. Re did the homing and did a software update (.0.3.20 to .0.3.21) and still no change. The flag on top was the orginal. And I had 3 more come outjust as good. But now I end up with the bottom one and when I increase my depth and cut again it just seems to make it worse.

It looks like the z zero is being set at the front left and word “with” isnt as bad as the other words and stars… as if the front left where the z was set is the high point of the board.

Youd want to surface the wasteboard as well as the workpiece to get the tops perfectly parallel to the spindle plane of movement.

You could also verify this issue with this trick I use for shimming.

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I will try. I don’t think they are even close to the same size and I am directly screwing the blanks. into the wasteboard not using the clamps. Still though, the first 4 I did came out the exact same and then a month later i can’t seem to duplicate regardless of adding extra depth.

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