Not finding Easel intutive, just want to use UGS

I have been using UGS for a couple years with VCarve Pro. I just installed the X-controller upgrade to my 1000mm. Now I am trying to use VCarve with Easel. Seems like there aren’t any instructions anywhere. I am used to moving the CNC to the 0,0. Then setting the z-zero. Then loading the file in Gcode sender. Viewing the file to make sure it looks right. Then clicking Send. Very clear and easy. In Easel, it seems like you have to go through setup every time you turn it on. I don’t see an easy way to get to the controls for moving the CNC to the right position. It seems like you have to go through this wizard every time use the machine. From what I have experienced, if you make an error, you have to go back and start over. I would like to just use UGS instead of this wizard thing, but I don’t see any instructions anywhere. I tried just using it with X-controller, but didn’t work. Maybe I just need to load the latest build? Anyone have any info?

To move the machine in easel you have to hit the carve button to get to the movement controls. Shouldn’t be any reason you can’t use Ugs with the xcontroller. What didn’t work?

Just use UGS. It works with the x-controller. Works exactly the same.

You click button Carve which make the jog/set home options appear.

I now have UGS working. Anyone know how do you use the Z-probe with UGS?

Search for zprobe macro, @PhilJohnson has a good one.