Not finding x-carve machine... Help?

Everything was fine and running smooth yesterday. Wake up today, turn it on, and now says I need to download the easel driver. I already have it installed and running, but I downloaded and installed it again anyways. No luck.

I originally tried in chrome, so I tried in firefox, and same thing.

I opened up the x-controller, checked for anything loose and tightened any bolt down connections. Still no luck.

The x, y and z axises lock up like normal when powered on, I get the green power light on the x-controller.

On a Mac BTW.

Any suggestions?

Same thing is happening to me, also on a mac. I’m very frustrated at this point as it’s wasting my valueable time. I really don’t want to re-flash the arduino , that is was created most of the problems with my other machine, logic would lead me to think that the new driver is to blame.

I didn’t even restart my computer though originally. Was connected fine yesterday, turned off the x-controller, left the computer on, came back today, and now I can’t connected anymore.

I tried older drivers just to check but no luck.


I just installed an older version, same thing. I dont know what you mean by deleting the new driver ??? I’m an artist not a computer person who has buyers remorse.

Not a MAC person but I do run mine on a raspberry pi with the MAC driver. I would download and try Universial G Code Sender by @WillWinder at and try to connect with version 1.0.9 if you can connect with that then you have an easel driver problem. if not then you have a communication problem between the controller and the system or the easel driver has not released the port.

I can connect and send commands with no issue. Haven’t tried a actual cut, but all seems good with UGS.

Any idea how to troubleshoot the driver issue?It might be better to get used to using UGS in the long run but it would be nice to choose between the 2.

this means that it is a Easel Local issue or a browser issue. can you completely remove the easel local driver? if not try to clear the browser cache.

I used the commands the inventibles recommends to un-install and reinstall the driver. Tried v3.3, v3.5, v3.6, v3.7 and v3.8. All with no luck. Cleared cache, but no luck. Tried restarting computer, clearing all data from the browser, still nothing.

The commands to remove it give no error, and installation gives no error.

can you run the driver from the command line? if I do that in Linux I can see where the fault is at.

Same problem here, any luck anyone?

I was able to use safari, after setting up the machine . chrome and firefox will not work.

Having the same issue here, tried on Safari and it wouldn’t even let me download the new drivers. The update box flashed and then disappeared. Anyone else get it working on Chrome again?

Anyone have an actual solution here? My machine was working beautifully yesterday. Today I was FORCED to DL the new driver or it would not carve. And now it and now it’s flat out not working. Easel is not recognizing the X carve is plugged in. The CARVE button is blue. I click CARVE and it tells me to DL and install the driver first. I JUST DID. I tried “setup my machine” and it tells me to DL the Driver first. WTF??? The Driver is RIGHT THERE. I have a job do finish and ten more jobs to start on this frigging machine and my productivity just screeched to a halt.

I’ve turned everything off and on again. I’ve rebooted Easel. Nothing is working. If Inventables does not come up with a patch for the new driver or revert back to the old driver ASAP, I am dumping my X carve in their lobby and demanding my $1600 back.

I run a small business and have home, a wife and a newborn son. I don’t have time for something I paid a ton of money for and have invested hundreds of hours into to setup and tool out, for it to not work because someone decided to tinker with the code. Rule number one: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it

Well, I got the bloody thing to work. Followed these steps:

Restarted my Mac.
Downloaded the driver. Again.
Ran the driver installation. Again.
Logged into Inventables from Safari, instead of Firefox, and the CARVE button turned green.

Finally running my parts. I’m only three hours behind schedule now…

Maybe Firefox is the issue?

Hopefully describing my challenges saves you time solving yours.

i`ve had this issue last two days in chrome, tried Internet explorer and Easel works…

The key thing to remember is that both Firefox and Chrome have a tendency to auto update to new versions while Safari and I.E. generally don’t. It’s not uncommon for a new update to Chrome/Firefox to break websites. A quick email to Inventables (or maybe a Monday morning forum browse from @EricDobroveanu) could tip them off to a potential Chrome/Firefox issue.

Hey, had a similar problem, that connection was only able after a restart.
Problem were old FTDI driver that are no more necessary on macOS Sierra.

maybe this helps