Not Finishing Detail Pass

I have a Fox Alien 4040XE and using Easel Pro.
Wood is 3/4" Pine. Cut depth is .125.
Using a 1/4" Downcut Bit for roughing pass and a 90* V bit for finishing.
Feed Rate is only 20"/min and depth per pass is .03125. I am running it slower cause I had some issues with the last project cutting to deep and to fast for the machine. As you can see from the pictures, it does not appear to have finished the detail cut. At one point I even looked at the estimated time left to cut and it said 28 minutes and no more turned around and it said 4 minutes. I know this is estimated but you can clearly see it did not do it all. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!


Going from 1/4" cutter to a “V” cutter is a bit too much. possibly add a .125 in between the 1/4 and the “V” cutter will cleanup where the 1/4" didn’t cut.

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Thanks Ken4! I will give that a try!

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