Not sure on what bit to use?

Hello everyone…I am looking for suggestions on what bit to use for my majority of projects. I cut mostly 1" ( I know it isn’t 1") pine wood for shape cut outs. I have been using the compression bit on my x-carve 1000. Does anyone have any suggestion on if I am using the correct bit or of a better one to use? I am very new at this and just plugging along. I wish I knew someone who had done this stuff to pick their brains. Thank you.

Hi Debbie,
Is the compression bit giving you a clean edge? If so then you’re using the correct bit.
I use a 2 flute straight or an up cut bit to cut out shapes.
If you have more questions then ask away, someone will be able to help you.
Good Luck

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Hi Russell,
It is giving me a clean cut… Just big and I was wondering if there was a cheaper bit to use that will do the job as well. Like I said I cut mostly thick pine for crafters.
Thank you for responding. I will try that one also.


You’re welcome, I use the 2 flute straight bit from Inventables and it does a good job, they’re pretty cheap.

Hey Debbie! I do the same and just purchased my machine. I am having a few issues getting all the way through the pine. I am using the 1/8 Straight 2F bit and wondering what depth you are cutting 1in Pine at? Also I see some yellow areas where the bit lifts during cutting. Any Ideas?

All my pine is not the same thickness. Unless you have a planer it varies. Always measure each new board. Mine run in inches… my last cut was .768 the wood you see when the bit lifts are the tabs I would guess. when you click on your line design… you will see a box open up that asks… use tabs? and then there is a count as to how many tabs to use and also how thick you want. Tabs are very important once you start cutting all the way through. Without them, your project will bust loose and bind up your router. If you have anymore questions, let me know I will be in the shop tomorrow afternoon. image

For that depth I\d use 1/4" 1flute tools if the design tolerate such a large bit. Deep slots/thin tool = chip build-up and greater risk of chatter/recutting of chips => larger and random tool load.

A compression bit is best used to run full depth so the length of the tool is engaged (hence the “compression”

These are what I have been cutting now. I have used the 1/8" compression
it works great … I just wondered if there was something else out there to use… but I have cut roughly 80 of these so far on one bit.