Nothing to cut using current settings

Can anyone see what the problem is with this project?

The 1/4" bit is way too big to cut that text.

I agree, but it should cut out the tree on the roughing pass without an issue.

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I just had a play with your file, and apart from the bit (1/4") being too big for the text, the Font isn’t very clear? maybe try another Font? and the depth of your font is set to 3/8", when I changed it to an 1/8" it became clearer?
If you duplicate your original workpiece twice, delete the cutout tree on the first one, and just use a V-Bit for the text and then delete the text from the second one, (change your bit to 1/4 or 1/8") and cutout the tree. Use the same XY for both.

I’ve done that before with success but I thought I had everything entered correctly wherte it would produce the results I’m trying for with only bit changes between passes.

Unfortunately when using text and a cutout, you either would need to use a very small roughing bit for both, and the cutout would take a lot longer, and the v-bit will also want to work on the cutout. It’s better to duplicate. I prefer to use Inkscape (free program) to create my text, because I then have the option of a lot more Font options (I have hundreds of fonts in my computer), and simply save it as an SVG and import that into easel, I don’t really like the fonts in easel.

Your endmill has no cuts to perform.

Some easel rules to consider:
When w bits are selected the roughing bit will only be used for one purpose: roughing out the bulk material of a pocket cut type.
All other cut types are performed by the detail bit.

So because all pockets are too small for the endmill and the perimiter is not a pocket then there are no toolpaths for that bit.

I suggest making duplicates of the workpieces, one with the text to carve with the vbit only. And a 2nd workpiece with the perimeter and the endmill only assigned.

And its best for material rigidity to perform the perimiter cut last…

I do a very similar processes in this project:

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