Nothing to cut

I’ve looked at other posts along similar lines but got no answer.

Imported SVG and setting up to cut outside the outline. Nothing shows up in the right panel. Can’t seem to discover what is wrong.

I have done nothing with Easel thus far. This would be my first effort.

Newbie needing help!

Share your Easel file so we can see what is going on :slight_smile:
File->Share->Shared with Link-> copy URL, click Save and close, paste URL here.

Apparently I cannot do this from my smartphone. I will get to my computer shortly

The project is still not shared publicly. You will have to follow the directions from HaldorLonningdal and post the link that shows up on that pop-up screen.

Here are a couple of things to check:

  1. Make sure your design can be carved with your chosen bit size. If the bit is too large then the design cannot be milled with it since you can’t shove a 1/8" bit into the material and expect any smaller width of cut.
  2. If you are using two-stage carving then make sure your Roughing Bit size is larger than your Detail Bit size.


Brandon Parker

Thank you, Brandon. Not sure what I did wrong but is it there now?

What is two-stage carving?

It is there, but it appears that something is wrong with the project. I would just scrap it and start over.

Pro-Tip - Instead of drawing that design with individual lines, start of with a rectangle and two triangles to make the shape.

Two-Stage carving is when you use two bits of differing sizes/types to complete a carve. For example, you could use a 1/4" bit to rough out material really quickly (Roughing Pass) and then use a 1/8" bit to get into smaller parts of the carve (Detail Pass). You can also do this with a regular straight, up-cut, or down-cut bit for the Roughing Pass and use a V-Bit for detailed V-Carving.


Brandon Parker