Nothing Works Right after Upgrade

I cannot connect to the machine through Easel, deleted old profile, drivers, etc. and when asked to set up the machine it cannot connect through the setup wizard, the X Carve just makes clunking noises. If I hit cancel I can bypass and set up the machine to some degree and when asked to choose a profile the X Carve profile appears in the drop down menu about 20 times, very frustrating to say the least and near impossible to get tech support immediately. After several attempts I was able to setup the machine and imported a project I’ve done many times before, after a probe the bit wouldn’t go into the material at the depth of 0.5 mm, just skims the surface. I literally had to tell the setting to go in at least 1mm before it would touch the material. The new Z Axis is is CRAZY LOUD too, sounds like heavy grinding. Now I’m back to square one, I cannot connect to the X Carve at all. What makes all of this so frustrating is I cannot call and get immediate support.

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