[NOW LIVE] [new feature] G-code sending through easel

granted @DavidDaus

Me too, please. I’d like to try DeskProto…

@SimonGornall you have access

Can i get access to this. Have aspire waiting on x carve to arrive. .hoping it gets here this week! Really don’t want to have to mess with ugs

YES FOR GCODE IMPORT! it has made my machine truly useful!

@FranklinSturkie You’re in!

Have been pointed in this direction by Inventables’ Samantha Jo Alaimo when querying “Using F-Engrave on the X-Carve” Having been REALLY successful with the X-Carve using Easel. To allow me do some experiments and continuing my learning, testing and (hopefully) production curve on the great X-Carve can you please add me to the “Gcode sending through easel” facility.

@TerenceLadbroolk Go for it!

Please allow me access, can’t wait to try it. :slight_smile:

@MarkRadler You’re on the list!

Excellent! Now can you get my x carve in the mail faster? :slight_smile::pray:

Can I test this Please?

@FranklinSturkie Sorry, but I simply don’t have the power :frowning:

@DanielYates You got it buddy!

OMG! Please Allow me to access this feature! I can’t get UGS to accurately repeat the Z axis for some reason but Easel manages that just fine.

Also interested. I use fusion 360 would like to carve out some 3D models

Please enable g code sending for me please

Hi i would love to try this feature out. I use fusion 360 I am vary excited about the idea of importing G-code.

@MP1a, @JoshuaEnos, @AnthonyCastillo, @BrennanMckillop—you now have access to the g-code sending feature.

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Hi Inventables gang - please activate this function for my account as well. Looking forward to experimenting with it!

Please enable gcode sending for me please.