[NOW LIVE] [new feature] G-code sending through easel

Nice! Is there a way to test this? I just started working with fusion, seems like a good way to start 3d carving!
Thanks in advance!

@PeterMuth @GregoryStanczak @Garin @SvenDeSmet Get carving!

Gosh what a long list this is!

Please activate the G-Code sender feature

I’m probably the odd ball here as i’m using PTC Creo 2 for 3D CAD and Prismatic Machining within Creo for creating CAM toolpaths. I suspect that i’ll need to find/edit/get someone to write me a custom post processor that outputs the G Code in preferred Easel format. Any Creo manufacturing users that can help me or giving me a PP - I would be very, very, very grateful!

Could I also get access? Thanks Zach

Could I get access please?

@BenSmithson @NathanButler @yrreg You all have access!

May I have access to g-code import as well?

If you figure out how to get a Creo post processor, I’d love to get a copy of it. I use it at work all the time, and have a student copy that I play with at home while I’m taking engineering classes.


Can I have an access for this so cool features for easel ?


Could I get access to the g-code import feature also?

Can you give me access to G-code import/sending?

I’m having a newbie issue in getting from Fusion 360 to Easel… The post processor directions, and the tutorials at Autodesk on CAM processing seem clear. I’ve been able to generate toolpaths (slot and bore) in 360, and post process through the processors into g-code that seems to import into easel.

Seems to import seems to be the operative term - The file loads into easel, and shows something that looks like a toolpath in easel, but if I click close, it goes away, not being saved in the easel design. If i try to carve at this point, I get a ‘no data to carve’ error. This is what I see after importing the g-code.

Any ideas?


this thread has made me commit to the carvey! needed the ease for 3D carving from fusion 360 and this simplifies it a hell of alot, please sign me up for the trial ordering now!

@TyHoeffer, @LaPetiteFabrique, @MichaelBishop, @TrulsSlevigen, @PhilipJensen—you now have access to the g-code sending feature.

I’m interested in this also.

Looks Awesome, Can I be enabled?


Would love to give this a try to test. Can you add me please.

Thank you

Holy cow!

How am I only finding out about this now?!

Can I please have early access? :3 I am so sick of UGS.

@MoisesCortesQuintero @AndrewLlewellyn @RobertMitchell @Ajbadner you all have access now!

@Zach_Kaplan access request please!