Nuka bottle cap

Would you consider sharing the file for this in aspire or exporting the model , I’d like to cut one of these for my shop.

where do you get that from?

Send me a message

Re read the thread from the top, there’s a link to the files here:

yeah I read it i just like his specific model the best. has a simple refined look to it.


I’m trying to do this and I can’t get it to work…
It keeps trying to 3D the entire piece


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So here’s my go at the nuka cola clock! 5 hour carve in 3/4" mdf


Wow the grey really makes it pop! Turned out great

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Thanks! Funny story I didn’t have any grey spray paint so I layered black and white until it looked kinda like tin, them I sanded the top edges to add depth.

The best rpg ever!


Here’s the other clock I’ve been working on with the X-Carve , making lamps and nixie clocks is the whole reason I bought this machine… so far I have made 0 lamps and an unfinished nixie clock…


Drool. Where do you source your tubes

I gotta guy on eBay has a bunch of NOS he’s in cali so no crazy shipping either I can find his info tomorrow.

Please do, I’m interested . I have wanted one of these for years. I love the blue LED centered under the tube

That clock actually has multicolor led lighting can change to any color every hour of u want , the electronics kit comes from
Gotta have a soldering iron and be pretty good at soldering small components.

I get the tubes from this guy.

Other clock I made before buying x-carve it’s also a lamp with dimming control