NZ 240 volt AC power

Hi all Newbie to CNC. I’ve spent many hours on the web and have decided to go for the X-Carve.
Live in New Zealand, we have 240 volt power.
The DeWalt alternative to the 611, suitable for 240v runs out at around $490.00 in NZ. Yep some pretty good mark ups when you have the market cornered.
Can anyone let me know if the I can run the 611 through a step down transformer without any problems?
Any advice given appreciated.

Thanks Angus
Yeah agree, can you point me in the right direction…

I know a few users on here have been happy with the Makita RT0701 @sketch42 has one(or at least did at one point) and there is a user on the forum who was(may still be) making mounts for them. Link below.

I ended up paying the high costs for the 230v 611 router as I needed an actual router and could not find anywhere at the time that where actually selling the rt0701 and it was time sensitive or I would not have bothered paying that much.

BTW NZ is 230v not 240v

230 nominal, so it is more like 230-240

Yep, I still have the Makita and it is doing great. Just cut a few stools out with it using a 6mm bit cutting through 18mm ply. It’s also great for slower RPMs while cutting through HDPE or machining wax.

The Makita RT0700 seems to be available in NZ and cheaper than the DeWalt.
A suitable mount can be gotten from 3dtek in Sydney, don’t know what shipping/duty would be.

I have both the Makita and the 3dtek mount and I’m very happy with them.

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