Objects from Easel Design Library will not load

Now that our machine is running well, I have students creating their own simple projects to carve. Some of my students are wanting to create plaques which include graphics from the Easel design library.

The volley ball players have been able to include the volley ball graphic, but the basketball players want to include the basketball graphic from the Easel Design Library as shown in this screen shot:

they are getting an error message:

Some of the objects work fine, but others will not.

Oops, that is a bit embarrassing, our bad.

I fixed the basketball (confirmed that it imports correctly), are there any others that don’t import?

Thank you Paul. I will have the kids try all the objects next hour and report back. X-Carve is proving to be a great tool for introducing CNC machining to middle school kids…I have 110 of them!

…And my crew of eleven-year-olds verify that they are all working. Thanks!

I have found several objects that will not load,
Search Aztec, none of the Kokopelli images will load.