OBX Key plaque

Just completed this today. its about 8.5 inches long and just need to add the hooks to hang your Keys on and its finished. I will be making a larger one for a potential foyer coat rack soon i think. Its not nearly as complex as some of the things you guys have made but im taking it slow and steady. There is some drifting i have to work through on some of the cuts but im not sure if that’s a feed rate problem or what. But im going to hold off till i get the new spindle mount for my Dewalt DWP611 then were going to really see what i can do with



Very nice! Oh man, did they release the Dewalt Spindle mount yet? Did they did they did they??? :wink:

No not yet but its in the store. They said sometime this week. So I’m just waiting to order it as soon as i can. i really want to see what it can do speeds and feeds wise.

Oh and the plaque is made out of Cherry.

Woo! Glad I saw this. Will be checking rabidly now as well…