OCD Upgrade #3: X-Carriage wire routing holes

I drilled two holes at the top of the back of the X-Carriage assembly so that motor wires could be routed without touching the motors. I used a 1/8" drill bit, and used masking tape to catch and contain the mess.

Note that I remounted the Z-axis motor so that the wires come out the back left, viewed from behind.

I used small zip ties to bundle and route the motor wires.

Same deal on the right side for the X-axis motor. I would have rotated the X-axis motor so wires exit down and right, but those screws are a pain.


if your sincere about cable management and ocdness. look at my build. cable mesh looks really good and isnt to expensive. but its a b**** to install. you can pay more for the wrap around type thats easyer to install. but it cost alot more.

i use a good mixture of both. and a pack of various sizes cost like $10 to %15 on amazon
it will look better than zip ties.

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Hah! I got some cable mesh too. Hopefully will have time this evening to route the wires and finish things up.