Odd mortise result in Easel

I have a simple design that I created in Inkscape - it has a couple mortises for some 8mm dominos - but for some reason it doesn’t want to cut them correctly (see image). The size of the mortises is larger than the bit I’m using (1/4", however changing to 1/8" shows a similar toolpath), yet for some reason the middle of the mortise isn’t being cut. Can someone point me to why?

I just noticed that if I import my svg as created (which has the mortises parallel to the X axis everything is well - however as soon as I rotate the object the toolpath becomes more and more like shown in the image above.

After some more tinkering… The object at 330 degrees is cut correctly, rotated to 331 degrees it is broken (rotating 180 degrees “less”, causes the same result, 150 is 150.4 or so -179.99 is broken)

Presumably something is up with my svg, but it sure isn’t very complicated.

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Well, I took a closer look and…

The halves of my mortise aren’t connected… Case open and closed I guess.

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Looks like the nodes are not joined in Inkscape prior to bring it into Easel.

Yep, interesting that it got it right for most rotations. Joined the nodes and everything is happy.