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I recently upgraded my x carve, I was trying to carve on a piece of material 10in wide by 7inch tall. when I started the actual carve it started carving way out of position, I have been carving with the x carve for 2 years and never had an issue, I change my dimensions of material like I always have. It goes to almost the middle of the board and start to carve, I my home position is 0,0. example would be I have the design set up to start at the x axis at 1 and the y axis at 1. the overall design is 5"x5". it will start to carve on the x axis at 4 and the y at 4 so half my design is on the board and the other half is not. I’m sure I am missing something simple, any ideas?

Did you update your $ setting after you upgraded the machine?

yes another thing I notice to is now the z axis just as I raise the bit to start it goes up about an inch. it used to go up only about about a 1/4in or so. I have used it to make a carve since the upgrade. this is a new one to me

As @WayneHall eluded to, I would go back and double-check the GRBL settings. It sounds like they are no longer what they should be after the upgrades you have made.


Brandon Parker

The 25% movement could be grbl settings or dip switch setting, so if your $102 is right, check the dip switches are right.

The $102 resetting during the machine profile setupwas a thing, for a while, not sure if this is still Galesburg and b that’s what you’re experiencing?

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