Off the shelf router bits for decorative edges

Has anyone used a router bit like this with their x-carve?

If so, any special setup to get it to cut where you want it to? I’m having a hard time picturing how to set up properly.

I’m very curious as to how you do this with the xcarve, even without the bearing. Getting the depth right is a real trial. I’ve been removing my Dewalt to do this and doing it by hand. Not hard, but annoying to take the 611 off each time.

as I suspected :slight_smile:

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Looking on amazon, a large majority of rounding bits have a bearing. Any suggestions? Just want to round the top edge of some 3/4” pine that I’m using for a design.

Just take the bearing off.

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I bought a Katsu trim router for little or nothing . Great little router and will save you having to take the 611 out of the mount every time

Meant to say i got the Katsu from Amazon

I completely agree. I just don’t have a router table or additional router and was wondering if I could do it with the cnc. But it sounds like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Thanks for all of the input everyone.

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Build your own router table. Save a bundle. It’s not that hard. Basically a box.

Or get the Kreg Setup and build out the table.