Official assembly instructions

Instruction for assembling the machine are here.

It’s made of several sections, each with a video walkthrough as well as step-by-step written/photographed instructions.

I still do not see how to mount a motor to the Y plate?


in the instructions look for the red bar with the style motor you have, NEMA 17 or 23 and click the bar.

It woll drop down with specific info for that motor.

I think it would be helpful to include instruction steps for adjusting the potentiometer voltage on stepper motors as part of the calibration step. The test carve/ initial carves do not always expose a problem with under-voltage since the under-voltage issues tend to occur only when the machine needs to lift the drill bit and move it a fair distance quickly (which is when the motors are most likely to stall).

If people can calibrate the voltage as part of setup, then that’ll probably reduce the amount of questions people are posting regarding their more-complex designs being all messed up. (as I found out the hard way, myself).