Offline version of Easel?

New here, and just about to pull the trigger on an X-Carve. My question about Easel - I’m planning on putting my machine well outside my home wireless network range, and thus my PC won’t be internet connected.

I presume that’s a problem? Is there a downloadable/local install version of Easel for off-line application? Or am I going to have to find a way to hook up a cell phone with wireless just so I can get to the interwebs?


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You can always export the gcode from Easel, load it on a thumb drive and use the universal Gcode sender to drive the X-Carve.

Sounds like an option, but a rather sucky one. Imagine having to walk back to the house to tweak and re-save a design to try again…

I think 3g service from the phone will be the next best option if I can’t find a way to get my wifi extended out there.

I know that this community is certainly into hacks and workarounds…wonder if there isnt a good plan to release a stand-alone downloadable version that there could be some way to run our own local web server with the web files all stored locally. I’d happily set up one of my boxes as a web server if it were doable.

If you have line of sight from your house you could try finding plans for one of the simple looking DIY Wifi Antennas. If there isn’t too much between your house and your shop you should be able to extend your range quite a ways with a simple yagi.

Hi @AlanDyke,

There is no plan to release an offline version of Easel. However, once your project is loaded up in your browser, it will work just fine for connecting to your machine and running jobs. You can also make “tweaks” to your design while disconnected. Your changes will not be saved, however, until you reconnect to the Internet and make another change to your project to trigger the autosave.


Would something like this solve the problem?

Both are good replies!

I imagine the TP-Link or something like it might work. I do have line of sight with just a few smaller branches in the way, some of which I can/will cut down if it causes too much signal loss.

Oh the strangeness of living in a place where cable/fiber optic are still not available.

I use Ethernet over power adapters to run internet out to my garage. They are cheap and I find them reliable. Here is a link:

You hook one adapter up to your modem via an Ethernet cable and plug it into your house’s electricity. The other adapter plugs into the electricity in your garage and then to your computer in the garage. The performance can vary but I get 30 meg connectivity which is plenty for Easel.

Where I’ll be living when I get my X-Carve has really dodgy internet connections only. If I understand what you said, if the connection goes down once I’ve done my design I can still carve it, as long as I don’t close the browser. Is this correct?

That is correct. As long as you already have your project loaded up in Easel, it can connect to your machine and run your job without Internet access.

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I have the TP-Link WA5210G and use it to access a outdoor facility. Over 500 feet from the router through tree branches and it works fine. I run a security camera and it gets about 17fps. Don’t know the requirements of Easel but it might work.

I have heard in a couple forums that you can save the code and possibly load it in mach 3 which is something I’m interested in but I can’t seem to find out how to actually save the code. Would you be able to explain how to do that?


You can export the Gcode from Easel

Click on the Machine menu, then the “Advanced” button

The Advanced options that appear have a “Generate gcode” button that will allow you to download the gcode.

Thank you,

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I just went through this exact same issue. My solution, which is working great, is a Netgear range extender. It was about $25-30 or so. It was very easy to set up and my laptop in my garage went from extremely erratic connection to really good (at least 4 bars thingy).

Now the only slow thing is the actual old laptop (minimum) that I’m running Easel on. :frowning:


We have spent a lot of time cruising in the Caribbean and Bahamas as well as RVing in the states and this is a good solution. We have received line of site connections up to 14 kms from high on a mountain. I have however seen much lower prices.

That’s the TP link I was talking about.

I believe it is Machine -> Advanced

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