Offset Cut on Second Pass

Hey Guys,

Im having an issue with my cuts being somewhat offset on the second pass. While I know this issue has been discussed on the forum, my observation is slightly different so was hoping to get some feedback from the community.

Have been working to get my X-Carve dialed in and have been making some progress with it. Now I’m experimenting with multiple passes of cuts (actually 2 passes) and am noticing that the cuts are not 100% aligned; however, its only observable in certain areas.

Below is an example of the issue. Specifically within the inside pocket of the “R”, I’m noticing that the X & Y both seem to be off on the second pass, but I don’t observe this across the entire cut, any thoughts?

I have the 1000mm model with NEMA 23’s and a Dewalt 611 spindle. I also am cutting exclusively into MDF at the moment, with Feed of 100 and Depth of .125 on a 1/8’’ bit. Have performed the 30 min stiffening mod on the X-Axis and locktighted all set screws. Pots are set to a VRef of approx 2.3 Volts, and belts have been tension-ed, but without any formally means to measure them.

Many thanks in advance for any help or assistance.

Generally speaking, your depth of cut should only cut 1/2" the diameter of the bit, so I would say cut the DOC in half. and check your results.

I had a similar issue. I adjusted the power up on the different axis pots to the point where i couldn’t stop the movement with my hand. (The machine moved on my table with my hand in front of the carriage).

after that I didn’t miss any steps along the way.