Offset or Raster?

Im cutting a name in a cutting board.

Wondering if using Offset cutting tool path is worse than Raster X Axis?

I am very familiar with 3d printing, built many voron 2.4’s yet this stuff seems like a foreign language some times. Im taking material away not adding it.

So, in my mind, actual CNC machines can do Offest or X Axis / Y Axis depending on the quickest path, however, a CNC is way more accurate than our X-Carves.

I got my gantry level, however, sometimes the bits leave imperfections in larger cut areas say a 2" x 2" square cut .1" deep will leave some lines behind that I have to sand out to get a “flush smooth look”

I am thinking that X Axis for the first cut makes sense versus the “Offset” option.

Any ideas?

It sounds like your spindle is not tram to the x,y plane of movement.
I’m also a little concerned of the use of the term “level” becsuse the goals are either perpendicular of parallel and level to earrhs center of gravity per se doesn’t actually matter.

I suggest surfacing the wasteboard and tramming the spindle.

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