Offset the material and size in the work area

It would be nice to be able to specify the size of a piece of material (say 6"x8" birch) and then offset that from the home position in easel - like smack in the middle of the 31X31 x-carve board. Clamping material in the lower left of the work area is not always optimal for me.

After that you could then place your art in the center of it, home to the lower left corner of the 6X8 material and carve away.

I spent hours looking for a way to do this last night - youtube, help files, etc…being a noob, if there is already a way to do this - thanks in advance.

Hey @GeorgeLamore

Clamp your 6" x 8" piece of birch smack dab in the middle of your 31" x 31 " x-carve board and put as many clamps around it as necessary. Then load your artwork into Easel, making sure it fits within the 6" x 8" work area you specify in the software. Then zero the bit on the corner of your birch, making sure the axes are in the correct orientation (you don’t want Easel to think it should carve 8" on the 6" side of the birch). Easel doesn’t care where your piece is, only how much it has to move relative to the zero you specify. Does that make sense or am I misunderstanding the question? Don’t get hung up on the corner of the wasteboard being the zero location. That doesn’t matter. Even though it sounds like zeroing is absolute, it’s actually relative.

Hope that helps,



Thanks, helps a lot.

If you use limit switches and have them set at home, zero. You can do the auto zero thing, and then set up your material at say 20 X and 20 y. Using that corner as your new home for that carve. When you get ready to carve it’s a simple realignment to move X and y 200mm each and call that zero for that carve and you should be good to go. Sound good?