Offsetter issues

Looking for some help here.
Making some interlocking puzzle pieces. Wanted to carve out a serving tray concept out of puzzle pieces. I can cut out the project but the pieces will not join. They just don’t fit. I’m pretty green and only know enough to be dangerous. What setting am I to use so, the pieces fit nicely? Any help at all would be appreciated.
I used puzzle maker, 2 pieces, then set up to carve out a 1/4 inch. I used the offsetter to then cut each piece. Went to join, and they don’t fit.

pay no attention to the gouge in the bottom piece, bit came loose in during that carve.

My experience with the apps is onse the new vectors are placed don’t mess with them. I’m guessing after you made your pieces the offsetter app changed from outside path to inside path or vis versa. Or maybe you used the offsetter towards the outside verse towards the inside. I’m pretty new too. I’ll be following this post

Just my guess here… you likely used the puzzle maker app then when you did the offset you offset to the outside rather then the inside.

I would use a couple pieces of scrap and try the puzzle maker app then cut out the pieces… do they fit or need some tweaking? If everything works, now try again adding the offset.

Once this is working out, put it all together and make your project on your final wood pieces.

Always try with scraps, when it all goes as planned move to your final products.

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