OHIO Fully Upgraded Xcarve, 1/4" Aluminum Bed, FEIN 1 Vac, Complete Workbench/Cabinets and Extras!


I have a fully upgraded xcarve that I bought brand new, as well as every part, from inventables. I bought it brand new March of 2021.

I has the fully upgraded stepper motors and the z axis kit, as well as the upgraded belt kit all from inventables. I also upgraded the router to a makita, although I still have the dewalt. I added the belt covers too from PWNcnc. It also has the riser kits installed on this also.

I also converted the base to 1/4" thick full aluminum with the hybrid MDF base and runners, so you can use either styles clamps. This REALLY made the machine nice and rigid.

I also have the raspberry pi, so it is set to turn the dust collection system on and off during the carve on its own.

This comes with a full massive workbench that I built that this sits on, with cabinets as well.

In addition to everything that it came with new and also all of the upgrade kits, I have extra clamps and hold downs and carving bits also. Hell, Ill even throw some pieces of woods in for you to get started on too.

ALSO this comes with a FEIN turbo 1 dust collector that I also bought brand new from inventables, which also works great. The xcrave came with the dust collection hookup, hoses, and swing beam above. I bought the entire FEIN shop vac from them also which has been amazing.

Everything is in PERFECT WORKING CONDITION! I have absolutely no issues with this and have great success with it. My life situation changed and unfortunately I do not have enough time to put into it anymore and it just sits.

$2500 FIRM for everything. Local pickup only. You must come and take EVERYTHING and I will help load. It is an amazing machine and I have put alot of money into it, but I just dont have much time anymore.

Here are some pictures. It is dusty at the moment, so dont judge the cleanliness by what is here. LOL Plus I didn’t pull the bench out, the dust collection FEIN 1 is in the back. But I assure you it is there and in amazing condition as well.

If anyone is serious and wants better pictures, I can get more.

Seven, Message me I’m in Indiana. Thanks, Aaron