OHIO Fully Upgraded Xcarve, 1/4" Aluminum Bed, FEIN 1 Vac, Complete Workbench/Cabinets and Extras!


I have a fully upgraded xcarve that I bought brand new, as well as every part, from inventables. I bought it brand new March of 2021.

I has the fully upgraded stepper motors and the z axis kit, as well as the upgraded belt kit all from inventables. I also upgraded the router to a makita, although I still have the dewalt. I added the belt covers too from PWNcnc. It also has the riser kits installed on this also.

I also converted the base to 1/4" thick full aluminum with the hybrid MDF base and runners, so you can use either styles clamps. This REALLY made the machine nice and rigid.

I also have the raspberry pi, so it is set to turn the dust collection system on and off during the carve on its own.

This comes with a full massive workbench that I built that this sits on, with cabinets as well.

In addition to everything that it came with new and also all of the upgrade kits, I have extra clamps and hold downs and carving bits also. Hell, Ill even throw some pieces of woods in for you to get started on too.

ALSO this comes with a FEIN turbo 1 dust collector that I also bought brand new from inventables, which also works great. The xcrave came with the dust collection hookup, hoses, and swing beam above. I bought the entire FEIN shop vac from them also which has been amazing.

Everything is in PERFECT WORKING CONDITION! I have absolutely no issues with this and have great success with it. My life situation changed and unfortunately I do not have enough time to put into it anymore and it just sits.

$2500 FIRM for everything. Local pickup only. You must come and take EVERYTHING and I will help load. It is an amazing machine and I have put alot of money into it, but I just dont have much time anymore.

Here are some pictures. It is dusty at the moment, so dont judge the cleanliness by what is here. LOL Plus I didn’t pull the bench out, the dust collection FEIN 1 is in the back. But I assure you it is there and in amazing condition as well.

If anyone is serious and wants better pictures, I can get more.

Seven, Message me I’m in Indiana. Thanks, Aaron


Is this still available? In OH and interested.

Still available and just to make sure it was clear, firm on the $2500 for all.

Still for sale!

BUMP. No deals made yet.

$2000 firm for everything, which is an insane deal.

I will get all good pictures tonight of everything instead of the crappier pictures I have above.

Anyway, still for sale.

It is a ridiculous amount of accessories and stuff that comes with this for cheap. All working perfectly and no issues.


Sale pending for this Friday

Let me know if the sale falls through. I am interested.

Is this still available? What is the table size i am in north central ohio

Ok. I may be avle to swing sat afternoon.
How wide is the table?. With all of the rain was going to rent a trailer.