OK to lower the z home switch?

I’ve upgraded my 2015 with the new z axis. While the increased clearance is nice I find the default z home position way too high. I want it to just clear the workspace with the longest bit I might use. Is it ok if I fabricate a mount to lower it? Will I need to change any settings for z travel?

You could do that.

You don’t have to change any settings, but if you wanted to prevent excessive lost steps from Z axis crashing, you could change the $132, but that is actually only used if the limits ($20 or 21) are turned on (but these are turned off by default).

Something else to consider is that the Z assembly is often set too high when it’s installed, so you’d want to first make sure that your shortest bit will reach the wasteboard before you go and make that new mount…

btw it might be easier to leave the Z switch in place and add a mount to the top of the part that hits the switch…something like this: image

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I would recommend the same as Seth, just in case you need a little more clarence .

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Thanks! That makes more sense than lowering the switch with its piddly screws.

My basic Z travel is fine. I printed a PwnCnc dust shoe and with the brush material I got the bristles had to be cut pretty short and stiff to get full depth on all bits. The clear shield opening is too small for the router to pass thru. Works OK but I want to be able to flex the bristles down a bit to get a better seal after the cut is in progress. I need to find some brush that has a shorter ‘mount’. Or just pay the $65 for PwnCnc’s whole assembly and save myself the hassle and filament :slight_smile:

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