(Old) Lead Screw Upgrade Kit (OLD THREAD)

Anyone have a guide on what numbers have tio change with this upgrade? A starting point? Read through the thread but did not see it


You can find it on the Technical thread once you are added.

You are on the technical thread.

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When’s the next order round coming up. Thinking I might have to get one of these. My belts just leave too much to chance, especially with the hard woods. Oak is terrible, going across end grain, it chatters like hell.

Follow the instructions.

Done, and Thank you!

Has anyone changed their dip switches with the new kit? I am running the old Arduino set up and am wondering if I should change mine?

I suggest starting from 1/1 step then dial up from there.

What size extrusion did you buy for the back brace?


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And triple the price and size. Also too strong for the extrusions.

Can someone explain? What would happen to the extrusions if ball screw was used?

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I’m really interested in purchasing your kit. I’ve scanned the thread in large part, but I’m having a little difficulty summarizing all the different changes over such a long period of time. Do you have a single post where you cover the advantages of the screw drive, and the increases in performance over a factory machine, so I can better digest what I’m getting for the money? Thanks!

Visit the new thread. @C.j.Shull

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can i use this one instead?

Look similar to the one you shared.

Hard no. Not compatible. Also way overkill. Lots of mechanical advantage with lead screw.