Old shapeoko 2 dusting off

Can anyone provide me with any detailed information and instructions for calibrating and setup of an older shapeoko 2 machine.
-I believe its original arduino with gerbal.
-upgraded power supply
I was useing it a few years ago but then was put away.
Ive hooked it all back up to play with it again but it seems something has changed. When i send a project that is around 3" in size to test, it moves much bigger than 3".
I use vcarve pro, send to universal gcode sender.
Ugs connects to cnc just fine, i can jog just fine also.
Any help? Sorry im a builder far more than an electronic tech.

This same exact concept can be applied to any cnc model, and program, you’d just be pulling the data from UGS and sending the new commands through the command prompt (or I think there might even be a grbl settings tab in UGS to make it even easier)

My Shapeoko2 is now a current spec x carve. I put on all the upgrades including an aftermarket Z axis from cnc4newbies…what a difference. I’d suggest stiffeners, 9mm belts/pulleys, and a new z axis at a minimum. The X controller is a nice addition as well as the new x axis carriage and extrusion. All these things tighten it up quite well.

If you dislike videos see the 3rd post here for a written recipe.

Calibrating my X-carve 1000 - X-Carve - Inventables Community Forum

You might also check which GRBL version your controller is running. Upgrading to a more recent version will have bug fixes and new features. You should be able to do this through Easel fairly easily.


Brandon Parker

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Good news for me…i downloaded a new version of Universal gcode sender and it provided me with the setup wizard. This allowed me to adjust the x and y. Additional issues were found with the wiring. I since re-wired the entire machine with quality shielded wires and have now done a couple carvings with success.

Thanks for your help!


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