On-Screen Comments

It would be nice if there was a way to add comment bubbles or notes on the design section that wasn’t supposed to be carved into the project.

I typically find myself taking notes on things like placement and depths on a small whiteboard beside my computer whenever I’m designing on Easel, but it never fails that I come back to the project and have to recalculate things like that. I’d love to have a little note on there that says “Hey stupid, you spaced the dominos every 1.7” vertically" or “Dummy, don’t forget to change the cut depth if you go to 1/2” MDF instead of 3/4" MDF".

Something like this would also be extremely useful for projects being released on Inventables. Since I can only link one Easel file to the project (I know, I can put more in the instructions), it would be good to be able to put notes to others. Useful notes would be “There’s a second Easel file with the rear design in the instructions” and “If you want to change size, don’t forget to hit the lock symbol so you don’t mess up spacing”.


Good idea @RobertA_Rieke a notes field to go along with the project would be nice.

yeah I think it is a great idea to add a feature like that this is what i do now

I Put text off to the side, then set it to zero before cutting

Not a perfect fix, but seems to work