One for the sniper fans

Very nice!
What do you mean by "clean up’?
Did you do just the text with the v bit?
I use VCarve and it has the option of using a end mill to clear out the larger areas when v carving, so you don’t get those little ridge lines. Something like that?

It would be fun to make a small version of that, poker chip sized to 3d print as well.

If I come up with a design I like I tend to make it in 3 sizes, Poker chip size, coaster size and giant, no way he 3d printed that size :wink:

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So that was 2 boards glued together?
Just wood to wood or did you run a dowel or anything between them?

I need to get some blocks of metal! The seem to come in really handy.

It looks like I have an excuses to go make a trip to tool and salvage store that is near me.
(I used to get scrap aluminum from them back when I first was playing with CNC. Now I know that was a mistake as who know what grade aluminum I was using. Probably half the reason for my fails)

There is no reason to use dowels in a glue-up like this. Edge to edge gluing produces a very strong joint assuming the edges are both flat and meet without gaps.

Just use a good wood glue, like Titebond, and 2 cauls ( The joint will be the strongest part of the board.


Great Job, What text is that Old English? Would you be willing to share the SVG file.

I understand about the time it takes to do something like that, No problem, not sure I would share it either. As for using easel, I used it to set my x-carve up the first time a never have been back to it. I don’t like having to be hooked to the internet for every thing I do.