One section not cutting correctly

I am hoping that someone could guide me and assist / show me, where I am going wrong.

I downloaded the following jellery box from the projects section of inventables and modified it a small amount to suit my needs. I carve the top of the box with a 2.5D carving.

The problem is, one edge is jagged and not cut in a nice curve.

The section selected shows a nice curved section, but when cut it is not

Any help is appreciated


This is the share file for anyone able to assist please.
The simulation shows it sort of cutting perfect, but cannot really see for sure


Can you post a photo of the resulting jagged edge so we can see the problem in more detail?

On the third pass of the right ellipse, it does show some strange activity. When you watch the simulation, at about 75% through, it starts cutting segments and retracting. That would make it look jagged.

In what way did you modify the original project? Is it only the 2.5D design on the top, or did you change the size/shape of the box in some way?

Thank you for the two comments and the last picture. This last picture actually shows what is happening. All those segments and retracting is how it shows up on the wood. I have improved it by hand but you can still see it on the following photo.

Why would the xcarve do these segments and retractings ?

I changed the depths and resized the box, then added the 2.5D carving

I think it happened when you resized it… there may be a very thin excess material between the different layered ellipses that only partly gets removed, and Easel is trying to preserve those remnants.

Thank you Kimberly


Looks like missed steps to me

If it is missed steps, how could I get them back…any suggestions please ?


Missed steps are lost, no way to “get them back”. Solution is to prevent steps from being lost.

Lost steps are are symtpom of something mechanical not tight/secured and/or machine is pushed past its limitations.

Been using the machine for a few years now and this is the only project it has done it on,

So I don’t think any thing is lose, as i have been running the machine for the past 2 weeks at around 12-16 hours a day.

I use either a 3mm end mill or a 2mm ball end mill, so again, I don’t think i would push the machine past its limitations

But thank you for the idea as it could well have been


I dont think your specific issue is due to lost steps, my reply was in general.

Your issue on this carve is covered earlier in this thread, looks like a file issue.

If you have been using it for years it’s likely "missed steps " have you checked belt tensions since building your machine ? Have you checked the set screws in pulleys if applicable ? All of these things require maintenance I normally tear down and clean my machine every 6 months , I replace and or re tension all belts and chevk v-wheels and set screws for tightness , when you built your machine did you use blue loctite on everything? If your carving in hardwood is it the first time? , carving hardwoods requires slower feed rates , it definitely looks like missed steps or loose bit to me …

I did these little boxes a few weeks ago in both hardwood (teak) and in soft wood (pine)
The " missed steps" occur in the same place in both materials.

The “missed steps” have only occur on these two boxes and not on any other carvings in both hardwood and soft wood since.
I keep my xcarve relatively clean , v-wheels cleaned most days…I have a good dust removal system on the xcarve which keeps the machine, kind of clean

I used loctite where i thought appropirate and I don’t think any thing is lose. As i use small bits (1.5, 2 and 3mm) when i use Easel, I use their conservative feed rates. When i use Vcarve I turn theirs down to an extent that I am happy with and not break the bit

I flick the belts once a week, mainly for peace of mind to hear if the belts are tensioned.
but as said, previously, the machine runs normal on all other carves, except those two boxes.

I think i am accepting Kimberly’s advise and I will go back in, when I have time, and do a carve on one that is not resized, and see what happens.
Thank you all for your advice…it has been a good discussion and you have shown me other things to think about

I had many problems similar what u exposed. My problem was the screws from the X axis pulleys, they got lost. I couldn’t see it, cause they are hidden, so I put a bigger ones.